Who We Are


We Are Alkhemical Roots

At Alkhemical Roots we have a passion for plants & their natural ability to enhance peoples quality of life. Utilizing premium materials coupled with great care & attention to detail throughout the processes we employ, we strive to preserve the natural integrity of our plant allies in the mindfully formulated extracts & products we offer.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to address the critical shortages in the U.S. nutraceutical supply chain by significantly increasing domestic production. Currently, a substantial portion of nutraceutical extracts, including essential vitamins, minerals, and botanical ingredients, are imported, primarily from countries like India and China. This reliance on foreign production poses risks to national health and security.

We aim to foster a robust domestic nutraceutical manufacturing sector that can meet the growing demand for high-quality dietary supplements and functional foods. By investing in local production capabilities, we will secure the supply of these vital health products, reduce dependency on overseas sources, and ensure that Americans have reliable access to the nutraceuticals they need for their well-being.

Our commitment is to create a sustainable and resilient nutraceutical industry within the United States, safeguarding public health and strengthening our national security against future disruptions.


What Customers Are Saying

I've been taking Kratom for the past 3.5+ years to treat degenerative disc pain in my lower back. I started with small amounts of leaf and over time discovered that the quality was typically inferior and I needed more to get the same impact. As you know, it tastes like Sh*t! I tried a number of things to mask the taste but I ultimately started to have gastro issues since I ingesting about an ounce daily in one sitting.

I started doing some research on the forums and heard repeatedly about Alkhemcial Roots and quickly discovered why there were so many positive reviews. My first order was a concentrate liquid tincture which was so much easier to take given that I only had to ingest a small amount to get the desired effect. Unfortunately I received the wrong product, instead of the tincture I got the 1 gram alkaloids. I contacted customer service and was informed that the mistake would immediately be rectified with overnight shipping and I could also keep the alks that were sent in error. What I discovered is that I really liked the alks and have placed many orders since.I found that that you only have to take very small amounts compared to leaf and it really masks the pain and provides a nice calming effect. Flow and the rest of the customer service team has always been super responsive and the few hiccups have always been taken care of in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company- they will continue to be my sole provider of kratom for the foreseeable future.

Eric G.

I started taking kratom after using opioid medication for a number of years due to a debilitating spinal cord injury where major surgery was involved. Kratom saved me, point blank period. I no longer take any prescription painkillers, and use an all natural substitute that alleviates pains with none of the drawbacks of being addicted to big pharma pain killers.

I have used numerous brands of extracts and by far, and I mean BY FAR, the best I have ever used is Alkhemical . The efficacy for pain management is excellent, the product is throughly tested, and the seller is trustworthy. I use Alkhemical red blend extract daily and it’s has been a a life saver! No negative side effects after 4 years of using daily.

The customer service at Alkhemical is 5-Star, always on top of their customer’s needs with very prompt responses. They have made me feel less like a customer and more like a friend.

Taylor L.

This product to me is a life saver. There are times my medications hardly even touch the pain I go through with the Fibromyalgia and I can take Kratom and within 20 minutes almost all the pain is gone. I find the same results when it comes to my Migraines and with the calming effect that the Kratom also gives me that helps with the PTSD/Anxiety and BiPolar. I have also recommended your product to several other people. That is how strong I believe in your product. Thank you so much for what you do.
Tammy C.