APEX Extract Powder

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Apex Powder Extract is Broad Spectrum. The Total Alkaloid Content is Not Parallel to that of the Leaf it is Extracted From. In Order to Craft Such a High Mitragynine extract, the reduction of the other naturally occuring alkaloids is required. This is done through an extensive refining process that we have pioneered and perfected over the years. Apex is Absolutely one of the Most Potent Extract Available to the Public. Use with Care. Ingredients :100% M Speciosa extract

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Suggested serving size: 30mg                         Servings: 30

*Mitragynine content will vary

Ingredients: Mitragyna speciosa extract


Vegan Friendly

*We recommend using a MG scale for accuracy

12-15mg Mitragynine is approximately equal to 1g of pure leaf

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